Common Again

Peering at lives not grey numbers.
A place without corners.

Continue On

Popular change is irrelevant whilst the political system takes orders from the status quo. Until we change that, we continue on.

Collaborate Auckland

Whilst vibrant, Auckland collaboration is compartmentalised in the big picture. The spirit of innovation represented by these places is scattered across the city.

Hub Association

Collaborative open space, awash with natural light, media technology and lots of imaginative chatter.

Twin Speed Economy

Our economy is running at two speeds. One is accelerating into hyper efficiency. And we celebrate it. The other, driven mercilessly into collapse. And we ignore it.

Where are we going Google?

Where are we going Google? Are you just building a wallet or can you build a new economy? Let’s fill the wallet, not empty it.

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99% consensus

Two things for current change: 1.) Slow down the speculation. Introduce a robin hood tax on high frequency trading. 2.) Bring debt into the sun. Demand 100% transparency from central banking institutions.

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Imagine all the money

Currencies are always backed by something. Sometimes by bullets. But people need something more stable. Why put your eggs in one basket?

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Open Source Revolution

Innovate with the management of money: Make it open source, transparent and interactive.

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Future Plans

A plutocratic economy does not trickle down. Foundations of debt are weak and uneven. Boardroom cartels are not benevolent dictators. With creative design these things can change.

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Suggest not Vote

Demand to vote on every issue and overcome a political system that gives privilege neither to speak nor be heard.

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Ignoring the Blue Marble

And so of course tomorrow never came. The planet grew more polluted. And now we live with vast oil spills and great floating garbage patches.

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Beyond GDP

GDP welcomes negative factors like pollution & destruction in various measure and yet ignores the health of our children or the quality of their education.

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Modern community hubs with a networked design can rethink our society, working lifestyles and the natural environment.

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Seigniorage: It relates to money and it’s the difference between face value and the cost of production. Basically, it’s the profit that comes from creating money.

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Invest Efficiency

Imagine being in a position where ‘nothing more can be achieved given the resources available.’ Need I say more?

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Bail This
Bail This - Octopus

Of course it doesn’t have to be like that. It’s actually quite ludicrous that the people of the United States, or any country, should pay private individuals for the use of a money system.

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Starting Somewhere

As an icon, mewoki stands for innovation in society. The overall vision is to enrich communities with greater culture, technology and imagination. Consider it Renaissance 2.0

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