OXLOS also known as Ochlos (oχλος) is a Greek word that means:
A large crowd or a multitude of people gathering in one place.

OXLOS represents a community of people attracted by a common message or cause and gathered together to hear this message and meet others who are also interested in this particular message, cause or community.

OXLOS is used approximately 46 times in New Testament. For example:

“Again He (Jesus) began to teach by the sea, and a very large crowd (OXLOS) gathered around Him. So He got into a boat on the sea and sat down, while the whole crowd (OXLOS) was on the shore facing the sea.” Mark 4:1

The logo is a graphic illustration of an endless community of people united together around a common message and cause.

The logo looks similar to a snowflake with its six-fold symmetry bringing individual crystals in chaos into one unified and orderly community (group) of crystals (individuals).

OXLOS is about bringing a multitude of people together in different communities to learn and grow so they may live a more enriched life.

The blue / in the X portion rising up represents the idea of growth, increase, improvement, and ROI.



Each event brand has a digital media component to continue enriching our various target audiences with engaging digital media utilizing the effectiveness of video, audio, and text delivered through the efficiency of digital media platforms.


OXLOS develops and produces life enriching business event brands that target entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, CEOs, leaders, executives and managers, as well as specialty functions such as sales and marketing leaders.


OXLOS works with a various high quality educational and training partners to deliver high value enriching, effective, and results-based education and training to our various brand audiences.



Joe Johnson PhD

Founder CEO
Joe is an entrepreneur with an MBA and a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurial Leadership. Prior, he led SUCCESS Magazine, and later Welfont to become the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the history of the Inc. 5000. He has been featured in Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazines, and named Entrepreneur of the Year by CIO Look Magazine.

Brad Atchison

COO & Co-Founder
Brad brings over 28 years of experience in events, education, operations, sales management and leadership in high growth companies. He excels at building productive teams and has a strong ability to attract, lead, and retain top talent. Formerly, Brad led the world’s largest business seminars as COO, with over 150 employees under his care.

John Kane

SVP/Chief Product Officer
John is a veteran of the publishing, software development, financial services and adult education industries. As the former president and chief operating officer of Whitney Information Network, Inc. (now Legacy Education), he guided the company through its most productive years.

Mindy Gentry

VP of Marketing
Mindy is a Marketing & Advertising professional with over 15 year of experience in growing companies revenue through targeted campaigns. She has worked in multiple verticals from events to finance to restaurants to sports and entertainment and even healthcare. Her expertise drives desired results through strategic marketing planning and execution.

Heidi Boykin

VP of Operations
Heidi is a dynamic businesswoman with 20+ years of proven success recruiting and training employees, and retaining clients. Her focus is on maintaining the integrity of corporate policies and procedures. She strives to exceed goals and maximize sales and profitability. She is a proponent of Zig Ziglar’s philosophies in life and work.

Lauren Mallette

VP of Events
Lauren has over 15 years of experience producing and managing some of the largest business events in the country. She has worked with hundreds of venues and hotels throughout North America to execute events that range from intimate dinners with former US Presidents to corporate seminars with 40,000 attendees. She manages all logistics of the event from venue bookings, contracts, catering, negotiations, onsite management, and works diligently to ensure the success of the event.

Karen Brodie

Karen brings 25 years of experience in executive administration and office management with a focus on communication and results. She competently manages administrative duties and ensures efficient operation of the company. She has a keen eye for organizing the details while working towards accomplishment of the big picture.

Stacy Moffett

Speaker Relations
Stacy brings 15 years of global event planning experience and knowledge for corporate, diplomatic, political, social and educational functions. Additionally, she has a background in recruiting, as well as sales management, event, and operations management. Stacy has a positive outlook along with an entrepreneurial mentality.

Alana Alsop

Sponsorship Manager

Alana Alsop brings more than 12 years of experience in building new multifaceted B2B corporate partnerships in sponsorships, exhibit, and ad sales. She has worked with national organizations such as Associated Builders and Contractors, the Profitable Association Inc, Modev, the National Apartment Association, and TEDx.


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