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Wtf are NomadLabs?

Imagine you had boutique apartments all over the world and you decided to convert them into kickass coliving and coworking spaces!

Then you put prototyping labs in each location so nomadic workers and creatives could have a one stop shop to live, work, play and create. Sounds pretty epic right? Well that’s exactly what we’ve done!! And it is epic!!

So if you’re looking for a dope (but surprising affordable) place to live, work, play, create, explore, laugh, learn, and pretty much kill it at life then you should definitely consider NomadLabs. .

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Why Choose Us?

  • Designed from the ground up to enable nomadic workers to slot straight into a local work/play/create lifestyle.
  • Centrally located and beautiful with thoughtful touches, bare essentials and an on-site community manager.
  • Prototyping labs with 3D printers, AR/VR headsets, design equipment, industry experts and brainstorming sessions and more.
  • Comfortable lounges, video games, enrichment events, workshops, get-togethers, day trips, and more.
  • Unlimited coffee, fitness studio access, high speed internet, secure access and more
  • Crazy comfortable beds, luxury linen, laundry facilities, lockers and more.
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Less, but better.

If you actually want to create the illusion of productivity where and just want to meet lots of people to talk all your cool projects, then we're not a fit.

But if you want a truly original experience where you'll not only deep dive into the local community but also make real connections and learning new skills all while being more productive than ever...then yeah, we're a good fit.

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Our Prototyping Labs

  • Each of our locations have dedications spaces for creating and playing with new technologies, this is what puts the 'labs' in NomadLabs.
  • The labs vary in size and equipment, some are just spaces with a big white boards and postit notes. Others have 3D printers, oculus goggles, soldering stations and more.
  • Our on-site community and lab managers are also designers, product managers or entrepreneurs. In addition to knowing the labs inside out they also run weekly workshops about emerging tech, prototyping, design thinking, and other cool stuff.
  • Each lab is also sound insulated and doubles as a private space for meetings and skype chats.
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